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Black, Chocolate & Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies in California

Breeding Terms

We offer two options for stud service for fresh, chilled semen.
Full Stud Fee
Stud fee is $1400 USD (within USA only) and is payable before first shipment is shipped. This fee includes
two collections and guarantees a litter of 2 (two) live puppies. If no litter results, a repeat breeding to any
stud dog owned solely by Summerland Labradors will be given and must be used within 2 years. No refund
of stud fee will be given. Repeat breedings are valid only on a female owned or co-owned by the original
breeder. Repeat breedings cannot be sold or transferred.
Service Fee
Service fee is $400.00 USD (within the USA only). The service fee is considered a deposit toward the full
stud fee and is a non-refundable fee. The remaining balance of $1000.00 is due within 14 days after 2 or
more live puppies are whelped. If 0-1 puppy result from this breeding there is no additional money due
and no repeat breeding.
Shipping Kit
We offer shipping boxes and extender for $50 per shipment/collection. This includes Minitube Canipro
Chill LT Extender and one insulated shipping box.
1. All expenses, including semen extender, boxes, supplies and shipping are to be paid by the bitch owner
before semen is shipped.
2. Bitch must have hip, elbow and eye clearances.
3. We require that progesterone testing be used to determine the optimal time for shipping and
4. Shipping must be paid in advance, or a FedEx Account number must be provided to pay for shipping.
5. Any bitch coming to our home for side by side AI must have a brucellosis test done.
6. We do not offer boarding for females coming for side by side AI. We ask that you wait until
progesterone tests confirm optimal breeding dates to bring her over.
We are not responsible for loss of semen during transport or late arrival of shipment.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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Is your Female AKC Registered?
Are her OFA Hip Certs done?
Are her OFA Elbow Certs done?